Meet the consumer's champion.  Our team of legal research technicians are here to help you resolve your consumer debt crisis.  When creditors or their agents harrass you over past due bills we know exactly how to put an immediate stop to their criminal activity. Although collectors may use cut-throat tacits we will burn them with the fire of certified Truth. Residential Landlords are "Debt Collectors" so exercise your rights.
 You cannot afford the costly mistake of limiting yourself to a knife in a gun fight.  Stand back; let us stand-up for you. We have perfected a dispute resolution method that eliminates all collection activites, blocks credit bureau reporting, stop evictions, and may discharge the debts owed
   Debtors should be alarmed when the government or business has siced its collection agents on them.  Consumers do not have the luxury of delay, you must act today - get immediate help, call us now, let's stop them before they stop you. Family and personal disputes may be very emotional and dangerous, but, our notary may assist by actually escorting you to make an official record via affidavits of what the facts really are.  With our documentation its no longer your word against theirs; yes we can be of great assistance to you resolving various disputes.  However; at all times the results will be in your favor, you are the driver. HEALTHMART
 Yep, you read it right, you the "driver".  Did you know that traffic tickets, absent injury, are taxes? Simply put they are bills, and the court officials are bill collectors.  In fact we guarantee that using our method you will win in your local traffic court because all such tickets are bills under the common law you are not required to pay.  The ball is now in your court. Your legal status will be "Pro Se" "Sui Juris."  Why pay anyone to do what you may do for yourself? The solutions to your legal and financial problems are two clicks away. The african american Daily CROSSWIND JOURNAL
 For immediate help: Foreclosure, Lock-outs, Traffic Fines, Evictions (713-666-7747)
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